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Volunteer with Us!

It takes a lot of people to keep these historic aircraft flying, and our dedicated team of nearly 100 volunteers is critical to making the Tunison mission work. The benefits of volunteering are significant: you get to spend time in and around, flying and working hands-on, with World War II warbirds, with a great crew that shares your excitement for history and passion for our nation.

Currently Seeking:

We have a particular need for the following kinds of volunteers, though almost all skill sets can be useful to us!

DC-3 Pilots

The Foundation particularly needs volunteer pilots who are willing and able to join our C-47 Placid Lassie on tour with flexibility, dedication, and hard-working attitude in all conditions. Prospective pilots should possess a CPL (AMEL/IR) with DC-3 type rating. PIC rated and MEI highly preferred.

A&P/IA and Restoration Specialists

Our Maintenance team is in need of help maintaining Placid Lassie, with the goal of growing our team of A&P/IA licensed mechanics to provide top-notch mechanical expertise to our C-47. Additionally, we are seeking aircraft restoration specialists to lead our volunteer-based restoration of our PBY Catalina. Non-aircraft restoration skills may be applicable in this role and excellent project management skills are a must.

Media & Comms

If you can help to manage Tunison media outreach efforts or social media channels, we need your help. We are seeking to produce a consistent social media product, as well as begin to create high-quality YouTube series on both the operation of our C-47 and our PBY restoration project.

General Volunteers

Any skills you might have are certainly appreciated as a part of our team! Our more experienced volunteers are happy to show you the ropes and walk beginners through aircraft restoration, maintenance, facilities, and inventory management.

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